Jennifer Batton of Conflict Education Consultants to facilitate workshop during the All In Student Academy at Cleveland State University

On February 27th,  Conflict Education Consultants will facilitate workshops on  Stories from the Field:  Skills Needed by Local & Global Changemakers  for  8th to 10th grade students during the All In Student Academy hosted by the Educational Service Center at Cleveland State University.  The All In Student Academy is a student-based series focused on social justice and activism. A teacher coordinator from each school building works with students throughout the year to support student learning and activism throughout the duration of the academy.  The program aims to "promote awareness and appreciation for ALL students regardless of their diverse learning needs, economic status, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, cultural background, etc.  Throughout the three face-to-face sessions, participants identify, explore, and move beyond personal perceptions and biases to develop their own voices.  Students learn skills that positively impact their community and ensure equity and inclusiveness for ALL students.