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Join Essential Partners, Welcoming America, Conflict Education Consultants, and League of Women Voters of the Akron Area and Hudson, for a unique opportunity to be on the forefront of a new statewide initiative to build capacity for local leaders in dialogue, conflict management and collaborative problem solving to help bridge local political divides, strengthen relationships and take concrete community action to address local issues.

Want to learn valuable skills to help your community move beyond impasse and achieve concrete action to address issues? Consider becoming trained as a facilitator! Register for Civic Engagement Facilitator Training: Moving from Dialogue to Collaborative Action.

Application deadline is Thursday, September 21, 2017

Note: Late applications will NOT be accepted.



Trainings will take place across Ohio:

  • Columbus
  • Cleveland (Case Western Reserve University)
  • Dayton (Sinclair Community College)

The need

In this increasingly polarized time when it seems like nothing can be accomplished without shouting matches, we offer a ray of hope. It is possible to hold on to our deeply held values and work together respectfully even when we disagree. This series of trainings provide communities and local leaders with a set of skills and tools for communication and problem solving that promote listening, relationship building and collaboration across differences in ideologies and identities. We seek to inspire a new culture of courageous conversation to help communities embrace intentional and connective discourse to address the root cause of divisive issues.


Examples of types of issues

The following are a list of examples of types of issues that your community may decide to work on.  They include, but are not limited to:

  • Water quality
  • Environmental issues
  • Gun safety
  • Community violence issues
  • Immigration
  • Land usage
  • Health care

Who should apply

This highly competitive opportunity is for community members who are representative of the diversity, of varied ideologies and identities, in the community and who have the ability/platform to convene regular groups around topics of concern in their community including but not limited to:

  • City and Local Government Officials
  • League of Women Voters Members
  • Community Leaders Associated with Formal and Grassroots Organizations Grassroots
  • College and University Leadership (may include faculty, staff, administrators, students)

Skills gained from participation in this project

  • Recognizing signs of polarization and dynamics of conflict
  • Ability to take different perspectives
  • Active listening
  • Appreciating diversity and understanding different experiences
  • Community mapping and participatory planning and preparation
  • Using structure, reflection and agreements in meeting design to achieve established purposes
  • Collaborative Decision Making
  • Operationalizing action plans


These fees will be collected if your application and team is accepted, and will need to be paid in full before the training begins.

  • $60 per person for team members from host organizations, Sinclair Community College, Case Western Reserve University, League of Women Voters Akron Area, League of Women Voters Hudson, for the 6 days of facilitator training, project planning, and technical assistance
  • $210 per person for team members that are from non-profits/community organizations and college/university student team members for the 6 days of facilitator training, project planning, and technical assistance
  • $310 per person for team members that are city/local/state government officials and college/university faculty/staff/administrators for the 6 days of facilitator training, project planning, and technical assistance

For More information
Details on the trainings, who should be on the team, and what is included in the application, please see the Civic Engagement Facilitator Training Description on the web site link here:


Please contact Jennifer Batton, Conflict Education Consultants, at 216-952-5609 or by email at